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F My A

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F My A

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Duración:   125 Minutos
Lanzamiento:   05/2005
Nombre del Estudio:   Venom Digital Media 
Serie:   F My A 
Director:   Jordan Septo 
Descripción:   All Anal! Double penetrations! Gaping assholes!
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Analista: Explodingvulva Fecha: 7/21/2005
Origen: Aebn



Alicia Rhodes, Melissa Lauren, Dillan Lauren, Lee Stone, Jayna Oso, Shy

Love, Cheyne Collins, Marco Duato, Sasha, Talon, Toni De Sergio, and Tyce


CREDITS: Directed by Jordan Septo


As one might expect from the title, pervs will definitely enjoy more than 2 hours worth of anal fun, as beautiful babes get their rectums ripped from such porn luminaries as Tyce Bune and an underappreciated Sascha. This is a Jordan Septo quickie where a piece of ass becomes a joy forever. One such ass belongs to our first model, lusty English blonde Alicia Rhodes. In a perfectly serene front lawn, blonde Alicia is terribly on fire down below. Shameless of what her neighbors might say, she rubs down her nice firm ass to kill off that burning desire, only to find that it isn’t enough to tide her over. Beefy Lee Stone comes to her rescue as her knight of shining cock, manhandling her the way she truly wants it: good and hard. Lee spits and eats her crack and pussy. He slaps and spits again to a smiling Alicia. She unzips his fly to let loose the fury of Lee’s king size python cock! She happily introduces his dick to the insides of her throat, in all his wide breadth and girth. And in an amazing feat that made me stand up and applaud, Lee hoisted the blonde like a sack of potatoes and turned her upside down for a vertical 69! They then go to the gamut of anal fun: reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggy style, pile driver, side saddle and a lengthy spread eagle that cost Alicia’s mascara to run. Then Lee thrills Alicia with a thick wad of beef juice as she opens wide for. Enjoy a frothy gargle cream pie!


Hawaiian native Jayna Oso shows us what her fantasies are. For a porn chick, she sure has terribly pedestrian tastes. It seems she likes the same old kind of fucking. Good thing, the astrological signs forecast luck coming down her twat as she gets what she wishes for! Italian stallions Marco Duarto and Talon answer the challenge of getting this slut off. The studs force the bitch into a frenetic 2way, starting with a double microphone. Jayna eats Talon’s balls while Marco shoves his cock into her pussy, standing doggy style. Jayna screams in excitement. Her right leg gets raised for a nice standing sidesaddle. Then Talon maneuvers a hot under-the-collar reverse cowgirl for more seats bouncing aerobics. Marco gets some action too as he shoves his cock into her mouth. Jayna screams more potty-mouthed encouragements. Her hair is pulled, positioning her head sideways while fucking. Marco delivers an anal with a cowgirl then to ad/p. But this d/p bums me out as Marco’s bishop keeps on slipping out of her ass. He then unplugs and gives an ATM. They try again and this time, their threesome goes into synch. Marco later ushers a giddy pile driver on a shuddering Jayna, leaving a big gaping hole in her ass! Still unsatisfied, they resume to a doggy style. When it’s time, Marco shoots his load at the top of her ass and letting the jizz drip down her asshole. We then are treated to a dramatic close-up shot of her dilated ass and vag. As an afterthought, Talon explodes on her face.


Interactive seduction comes to bucktoothed brunette Shy Love as she successfully makes our blood rush to our dicks in this third vignette. She has nice kissable lips, piercing blue eyes, a tight twat and a wonderful rack if I ever saw one. I am only dismayed that this Puerto Rican/Sicilian beauty has to resort to silicone implants to be noticed! As she details how she wants us to impale our dicks into her every orifice, she makes a smooth motion to take off her corset, revealing a perky pair of augmented boobs. Then in an instant, a naked Tony de Sergio rushes in to have his English banger receive oral pleasure. All slurpy and wet, Shy gives that bone the attention it truly deserves with a face fuck for champions. Tony almost forgets his English manners by almost not giving her a tongue-y exploration. He gets also creative by opening wide her nether lips with his fingers. Foreplay now over, Tony starts with a spread eagle. When the porking commences, listen to Shy’s high-pitched squeals of delight! She continues those orgasmic squeaks as Tony guides her to a missionary squat and anal reverse cowgirl. This girl is thoroughly enjoying it! The sidesaddle is particularly amazing, as the two get in synch with the fucking. After nibbling at her ass, this British gentleman spoons our exotic beauty along with a squat doggy style. When his time has come. He explodes his gravy into her left cheek and open mouth. Get those napkins ready, boys! Whew!


A brunette Melissa Lauren comes out to play with reliable old stud Tyce Bune and relative newcomer Cheyne Collins. After delivering a rather dry monologue, she goes to oral madness when she catches sight of the two approaching. Spitting and hacking like a spastic crack whore, Melissa lubricates these cocks, readying them for more fun to come. After one of many spit transfers, Tyce Bune gets a deep throat. Melissa brings in Cheyne for a double microphone. Sooner than we can say “rectum play”, they are already deep into anal reverse cowgirl. Cheyne couldn’t seem to position himself carefully as he keeps on disentangling himself from the carnal union. When it’s time for a d/p. things get a little awkward, as Cheyne’s wang can’t position squarely into Melissa’s ass. Initiating damage control, she then resorts to just sucking off Cheyne while still on a cowgirl. Tyce changes position as the one under and now over Melissa, accommodating Cheyne so they can accomplish the d/p. This time, they succeed. Tyce Bune is America’s porn treasure as his ebullient cocksmanship helps pull this scene into the doldrums. Later, they repositioned for a 2way oral and anal spread eagle. Cheyne and Tyce take turns for a pile driver. But Melissa prefers Tyce’s sit-ups. The two guys then shoot their load on a satisfied Melissa. She cooks up a frothy oral cream pie in gratitude.


The final vignette goes to dusky eyed and exotic beauty Dillan Lauren. She reminds me of a younger Linda Fiorentino with greater sexual vibe. We start as always with a confession that she yearns for a big cock and how that will make her life truly complete. Like a pizza man, Sasha arrives for one-big-cock delivery. He undresses hurriedly while Dillan frantically gropes for his treasure hidden between his legs. Using his belt, he uses it to guide her mouth deeper and deeper to his length. Then, he uses her belt to lightly thrash her. I know this guy has a mean streak but this is the first time it looks good and appropriate! Sasha seems so into very mild humiliation and S&M. I wonder how this guy will perform if the restraints are taken off! And no matter how abusive he can be, the girls still like him! Sascha doesn’t beat around the bush (pun unintended) and goes directly to Dillian’s delectable rosebud. Dillan cries in relief. Seconds later, Sascha gets all jackhammer all over Dillan. The fucking just goes wilder. Then he changes to a reverse cowgirl, a vigorous sidesaddle, spooning, and a truly awe-inspiring pile driver. We are surprised that Dillan is still wet after the beating her ass gets. Sascha keeps up the pace with an anal missionary. Both almost look disappointed when Sascha finds himself ready to explode. Dillian opens wide as she supplements her diet with his thick cream of man milk. As parting shot, Dillian gargles it into a frothy cappuccino. Delish!

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